How Far Can The Spaceman Fly?

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Innovative crash mechanic
High win potential: up to 5000x
Social chat to cheer on other players!
High RTP of 95.50%

What to expect of Spaceman

A New Era of Pragmatic Play’s Crash Games. This Crash Game is set to bring a new level of excitement with its innovative features, fast-paced gameplay, and high potential for winnings. Players can expect a thrilling experience as they watch the spaceman fly, holding their breath as they try to pre-empt his crash.

How Far Can The Spaceman Fly?

The main objective of Spaceman™ is to keep the spaceman flying as long as possible. With each second, the spaceman gains speed, increasing the multiplier and overall win potential. Players must make real-time decisions to try and prevent the spaceman from crashing. The longer the spaceman flies, the higher the winnings. The spaceman can fly to 5000x the bet, providing players with the opportunity to win big.

Real-Time Decisions & Cashout Feature

In Spaceman™, players must remain focused and make split-second decisions to maximize their winnings. The game’s fast-paced nature and real-time decision making adds to the excitement and challenges players to stay ahead of the game.

Additionally, Spaceman™ offers a unique cashout feature, allowing players to cash out anytime during gameplay. This feature provides players with the opportunity to lock in their winnings at any point, providing a level of control and peace of mind. The cashout feature also offers a 50% return, providing players with the chance to walk away with half of their winnings at any time.

Speedy Outcomes & Social Atmosphere

Spaceman™ offers speedy outcomes, ensuring that players do not have to wait long to see the results of their efforts. The fast-paced nature of the game combined with the high potential for winnings creates a highly social atmosphere, with players cheering each other on as they try to beat their highest scores.

Detailed Bet History

Spaceman™ also offers a detailed bet history, allowing players to keep track of their progress and see how they compare to others. This feature adds a competitive edge to the game, as players strive to become the best Spaceman™ player.


Spaceman™ will be released on 24th March 2022 and is sure to be a hit with players who enjoy fast-paced games with high potential for winnings. The minimum bet for Spaceman™ is 1.00, with a maximum total bet of 100.00. The game’s RTP is 95.50%, providing players with a fair chance of winning big.

In conclusion, Spaceman™ is set to be a new era of Pragmatic Play’s crash games. With its unique features, fast-paced gameplay, and high potential for winnings, players can expect a thrilling and exciting experience. So, grab your helmet and get ready to join the spaceman on his journey through the galaxy!



Spaceman FAQ

What kind of game is Spaceman™?

Spaceman™ is a Crash type game from Pragmatic Play. The crash mechanic and interactivity of the game offers a unique gaming experience.

How high can the max multiplier win go?

The max multiplier win for Spaceman™ can go up to 5000x the bet.

How fast are the outcomes in Spaceman™?

Outcomes in Spaceman™ are fast and players do not have to wait long to see the results of their efforts.

Is there a detailed bet history feature in Spaceman™?

Yes, Spaceman™ offers a detailed bet history feature so players can keep track of their progress and see how they compare to others.

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